Being involved in ADE in 2015 was a high point for me in my career of being a DJ. I was flown out to Amsterdam and was meet by many welcoming people. And the buzz of the city at the time was electric.
Arriving in Amsterdam I was able to hang out with some of the formost ambassadors of House, Techno and Acid. Being able to relax and just sit down round a glass of wine or a plate of food to chat was inspiring.
Names such as DJ PIERRE, Marshall Jefferson,
Joe Smooth, Orlando Voorn Mattia Trani and K Alexi Shelby.
Many of these producers have paved the way for modern DJ’s today. Thankfully these contacts I have maintained and we have become not just artists in the same field but also respectful of each other keeping a good relationship.
I also in an event played on the same bill as them. This experience helped me to understand that what I was doing was highly appreciated and also that I was going down the right road with my creativity.
This experience of working in ADE was eye opening experience for me and one I will never forget.